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An old Pontiac Tempest waits patiently in an old shed. Photo: Christina Hamner
Ford front end up close. Photo: Christina Hamner Pontiac GTOs had to look good pulling away from you -- since that's how most people usually saw...
A little TLC would have this old Studebaker back in shape in no time. Photo: Christina Hamner This Mustang probably won a few drag races in its day. Photo: Christina Hamner

Pit Stop at Old Car City USA Part 3

During a recent International LoneStar test drive, senior editor Jack Roberts and his photographer, Christina Hamner, stopped off at Old Car City USA, in White Georgia, to see how nature is slowly reclaiming this 70 year old junk yard.

Some of the trailer technician stations were set up outside of the facility.
Technicians moved through a series of stations, each with a specific problem to troublshoot and...
As technicians make their way through the troubleshooting process, a judge watches their methods...

SwiftTech Technician Competition [Photos]

Swift Transportation held its annual SwiftTech technician competition at the company's headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz., testing the troubleshooting skills of its techs on tractors, trailers, and everything in between. Photos: Steven Martinez

Just outside the exhibit hall. Photo: Evan Lockridge
A number of fleets received the U.S. EPA's SmartWay Excellence Awards. Photo: Evan Lockridge
California Trucking Association President Shawn Yadon was named the 16th recipient of the...

ATA MC&E In Photos, Day 2

ORLANDO – The American Trucking Associations' 2017 Management Conference & Exhibition continued on Monday in Orlando, Florida. Here's a look at some of what happened on the exhibit hall floor as well as during the general sessions and special presentations.

Kevin Burch, ATA Chairman, watching a video during lunch at ATA with hundreds of others...
It's official. ATA MC&E 2017 is open now that the ribbon is cut. Photo: Evan Lockridge
Kevin Burch, current ATA chairman, addresses those attending lunch during the first day of ATA...

ATA MC&E In Photos, Day 1

The American Trucking Associations' 2017 Management Conference & Exhibition kicked off over the weekend in Orlando, Florida, with the first exhibit hall session, educational sessions on topics such as CSA and big data, awards galore, and a special economic and business session.

Pontiacs are easy to spot with their distinctive front grilles. Photo by Christina Hamner
Everything you need to know about Old Car City. Photo by Christina Hamner
This is puported to be the last car Elvis Presley ever bought. Photo by Christina Hamner

Old Cars At Old Car City, USA Part 1

HDT Senior Editor Jack Roberts recently stopped in at Old Car City, USA, north of Atlanta during an International LoneStar test drive, and came away with these photos of classic cars out to pasture.

Chanje is building the van in a partnership with Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles Limited.
The all-electric Chanje V8070 van is estimated to have a range of 100 miles with a 3,000 lb....
The van is rated at 16,500 lb. GVWR with a maximum payload rating of 6,000 pounds.

Chanje's Medium-Duty Electric Van

Chanje Energy unveiled its Class 5 battery-electric commercial van at an Oct. 18 media and customer event in Fullerton, Calif. The vehicle provides 100 miles of electric range with 3,000 pounds of payload, and can reach a top speed of 80 mph. Read more here. Photos by Chris Brown, Paul Clinton, and Amy Hercher.

Where has this old Mack bulldog been, and what has it seen...? Photo: Jack Roberts
This '30s vintage Mack delivery van is the first vehice visitors see as they begin to explore...
Two '50s-vintage rivals at rest. Photo: Jack Roberts

Old Trucks At Old Car City, USA

HDT Senior Editor Jack Roberts recently stopped in at Old Car City, USA, while on a test drive. The site has been an automotive graveyard since 1931 and is the final resting place for a wide array of old cars, trucks and vans from the Golden Age of the Automobile. Photos highlight some of the old working trucks and vans slowly melting away in the woods near White, Georgia.

Trucks on display outside the Georgia World Congress Center. Photo: Deborah Lockridge
The Run on Less announcement the day before the show attracted a crowd of reporters eager to...
Attendees heading down to the exhibit level at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta....