Idelic Integrates FMCSA BASICs Into Safety Suite

Image: Idelic

Idelic has incorporated the FMCSA BASICs data standard for all customers into its driver management platform, the Idelic Safety Suite. Idelic customers can now access extensive information about their fleets' BASICs percentiles as soon as they’re released by the FMCSA, including an overview of current percentiles, changes over time, and how individual drivers have contributed to overall percentiles status.

“Gaining a 360-degree view of a driver’s behavior and risk is critical to allowing fleets to be proactive in preventing crashes,” said Hayden Cardiff, founder and co-CEO of Idelic.

Safety Suite integrates with all third-party and internal systems, making it unnecessary to log into multiple government and technology vendors' portals to see this data, according to the company. Fleets can view their overall performance, search individual drivers' past violations, and compare that data with each driver’s overall risk profile.

Additionally, the new FMCSA BASICs Monitor displays a fleet’s percentiles in a way that enables a full understanding of a fleet’s data, according to the company.

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