A new Custom Drive Wheel Fairing system from FlowBelow will be available on the 2020...

A new Custom Drive Wheel Fairing system from FlowBelow will be available on the 2020 International LT Series MPG Package truck model.

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Two new OEM placements for FlowBelow Aero's aerodynamic vehicle products were announced at an Oct. 27, press conference, held the day before the North American Commercial Vehicle Show opened in Atlanta.

FlowBelow said a new Custom Drive-Wheel Fairing system will be available on the 2020 International LT Series MPG Package. Navistar and FlowBelow jointly developed the system, which will be offered in two different configurations — standard and enhanced aero.

The standard configuration is considered the “entry-level system” while the enhanced aero configuration includes larger fairings capable of even greater fuel savings. Both setups are available with the LT’s MPG Package but can also be ordered as a stand-alone factory option on the International LT and RH Series, beginning in March. 

In addition to being offered on new International trucks, the Custom Drive Wheel Fairing system will be available for aftermarket purchase through the International Truck dealer network.  The Custom Drive Wheel Fairing system will be backed by a warranty provided through International.

“The new International LT has proven to be one of the most technologically advanced, fuel efficient trucks available,” said Gordon Virginski, vice president of OEM & Dealer Programs at FlowBelow Aero.  “The drive wheel fairings were designed by FlowBelow to work optimally with the International LT.  The new custom drive wheel fairing system will complement the other components in the MPG Package in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize total cost of ownership.”

FlowBelow also announced that beginning in next year’s second quarter, its new locking aerodynamic wheel cover will become an option on the Freightliner Cascadia tractor. Freightliner currently offers FlowBelow’s quick-release aerodynamic wheel covers standard on the Cascadia Aero and AeroX Packages.  The locking option will allow customers to maintain the ‘quick-release’ function while adding the ability to lock the covers when required.  Every truck specified with the locking feature will receive two keys. 

“The FlowBelow and Daimler Trucks North America engineering teams worked together to introduce this option in order to address customer demand,” said Kyle Walker, vice president of Engineering. “Customers requested a locking feature, and our engineering teams responded with a simple and cost-effective solution.  The design utilizes most of the existing wheel cover and latch components, which allows us to take advantage of billions of miles of proven durability.”

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