The new Parameter Plus Package leverages Volvo’s factory-built embedded telematics platform and...

The new Parameter Plus Package leverages Volvo’s factory-built embedded telematics platform and allows over-the-air updates to be completed during a short meal or operational break virtually anywhere cellular connection is available.

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Volvo Trucks’ new Parameter Plus Package allows for up to 50 parameter updates annually per covered vehicle, improving uptime and connectivity capabilities.

A supplement to Volvo’s Remote Programming, the new Parameter Plus Package was designed with thorough feedback from customers to meet the demands of their applications via over-the-air updates while increasing uptime and maintaining a firm cost control.

Previously, parameter and software updates, where the trucks needed to be brought to the service point, could require two or more days of downtime, along with the added work and costs of acquiring a supplementary truck and managing driver logistics.

The new Parameter Plus Package with OTA powertrain software, updates can be completed in under 20 minutes and parameter updates in under 10 minutes.

“The Parameter Plus Package is a notable example of Volvo Trucks’ emphasis on delivering connectivity solutions dedicated to maximizing uptime for customers,” said Ashraf Makki, product marketing manager at Volvo Trucks North America. “Providing the opportunity to complete numerous parameter updates remotely per year is fundamental for certain customers to ensure their fleets reach peak performance and uptime potential.”

Leveraging Volvo’s factory-built embedded telematics platform and connecting to the Volvo Uptime Center, these updates can take place during a short meal, an operational break or while dispatching a truck virtually anywhere a cellular connection is available.

The embedded telematics platform also supports Volvo’s latest Remote Diagnostics, which coupled with SAS’ analytics platform, helps reduce diagnostic time by 70% and repair time by 25%, according to Volvo. This system delivers more precise data allowing Volvo Action Service agents to proactively analyze trouble codes and deliver actionable information to decision-makers and repair facilities.

Parameter updates enable owners to switch between operating modes for better optimization, including improving truck performance, balancing fuel usage and performance, increasing fuel efficiency and configuring maximum road speeds. For example, if fuel prices rise, a fleet may decide to change its trucks’ top speed settings. A fleet may also choose to switch programming on a transmission or engine to accommodate application changes, such as switching from dry bulk to liquid tankers or running multiple routes with different topographies.

The multitude of parameter update options are ideal for companies with trucks that operate between areas governed by different regulations. For instance, trucks traveling between Canada and the United States may require Road Speed Limit parameter changes in order to be legally compliant in Canada, while benefiting from higher speeds permitted in the U.S.

The Parameter Plus package was also recently announced for Mack Trucks.

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