Though fleets in the trucking industry have been investing in ELDs primarily as a means to comply with recent regulations, some fleets are bundling their ELDs with a telematics solution as an opportunity to go beyond compliance and improve their overall operations. 

A comprehensive telematics solution can do more than help you avoid the fines associated with noncompliance. A robust solution that’s compatible with your unique needs can give you the tools and, most importantly, the edge you need to thrive in today’s connected economy.

Take advantage of the technology
With a variety of features that enable you to track assets, monitor driving habits, automate preventive maintenance alerts and retrace historical events, a complete telematics platform has the potential to save and earn your business a lot of money. Near real-time alerts and customizable reporting capabilities provide actionable insights on utilization, safe driving behavior, fuel usage and vehicle condition, for example, to help you minimize hidden and preventable costs and maintain a more efficient and productive fleet. 

Some of the many components of a fleet tracking system that can help you improve efficiency include:

•Automated scheduling 
•Smart dispatching 
•Route optimization
•Electronic submission of forms

The right provider should offer a varied menu of functionalities that can be customized to meet your fleet’s unique needs and challenges. 

Integration with other back-office systems beyond the fleet function is important to maximizing the value of your investment. A solution that is scalable sets you up to start with features that meet your current needs and solve immediate challenges while also being able to grow with you as your operations expand and your budget grows, allowing your operation adaptable. 

That being said, make sure you partner with a company that has the resources to keep pace with rapidly changing innovations. You don’t want to have to invest in a new product every time a technology emerges on the scene.

Embrace the revolution now
A bundled ELD and telematics solution can help you move beyond compliance and revolutionize the way your fleet—and therefore your business—operates. The ELD Rule has forced the trucking industry into the digital age, so why not use this as a springboard to your own technological revolution. Maintain regulatory compliance while optimizing your operation to stay one step ahead of the competition.