Commercial truck dealership group Velocity Vehicle Group has announced that all 19 of its truck dealerships will be rebranding under the Velocity Truck Centers name.

The dealerships were previously operating under different business names such as Freightliner of Los Angeles, LA Freightliner of Fontana, Freightliner of Arizona, San Diego Freightliner, as well as Silver State Truck and Trailer and High Desert Truck & Trailer.

All 19 dealerships will now be united under a single brand and new logo, according to the company.

"The new VTC logo design emerged from the intersection of three graphic elements that represent our guiding principles of speed, quality and trust coming together as the premier commercial dealership network in the Southwest," said Brad Fauvre, co-president of VVG.

VVG has decided that it was a pivotal time to align the company’s vision with the right brand strategy that would preserve the integrity of the dealerships but use and grow the brand’s equity while signaling change and reinforcing a commitment to innovation and dedication to the needs of their customers.

“We are very proud of our management team’s discipline and commitment to excellence and are now more united than ever in our ongoing dedication to providing unparalleled customer service for our customers at whichever location they visit,” said Conan Barker, co-president of VVG.

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