TMW Systems has integrated its TMW.Suite and TruckMate transportation management software with Geotab, giving users of either TMW platform access to more dispatch, driver messaging, and hours of service features.

The new functionality is available to carriers using TruckMate 2014 SP1, TMWSuite or the new TMW.Suite software in conjunction with the latest version of the TotalMail application. The integration brings arrival and departure information, forms processing, enhanced GPS data, and frequent hours of service updates to the dispatcher and driver.

Operational service forms streamline a variety of customer and fleet-specific tasks that can improve driver satisfaction and operational efficiency, according to TMW.

“TMW and Geotab create a powerful integrated solution that helps trucking companies gain visibility into drivers and assets in the field,” said Jeff Graham, director of mobile communications, TMW. “Plus, having immediate access to up-to-date load and truck data from the Geotab platform helps our customers remain efficient while moving greater freight volumes.”

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