Cummins Inc. announced the availability of two new 450-hp ISX12 ratings for linehaul and regional-haul truck markets.

The 450 hp with 1650 lb.-ft. of peak torque and 450 hp with 1450/1650 lb.-ft. of peak torque are the newest ratings for the ISX12. The 450 hp with 1650 lb.-ft. of peak torque provides performance on the same level as 15.0L and 13.0L engines but at a much lighter weight, which means more payload capacity, according to Cummins. The 450-hp 1450/1650 lb.-ft. SmartTorque rating is ideal for such applications as tank and bulk haulers that transport heavy material on the way out, but return with a light or empty load. SmartTorque technology modulates torque output to deliver the adequate amount of torque needed for the work being done.

Photo of ISX12 engine courtesy of Cummins.

Photo of ISX12 engine courtesy of Cummins.

Since its release in 2010, the ISX12 has performed well across a wide range of trucking applications, from regional-haul and bulk-haul to refuse and mixer. The engine, with its power take-off (PTO) capabilities, continues to benefit customers who demand more from their medium-bore engines. 

The ISX12 has been a dependable product for many customers across North America since its release, according to Cummins. Williams Tank Lines, based in California, hauls petroleum products and operates predominately ISX12-powered trucks.

"The maintenance is a lot lower with the medium-bore ISX12, we've had [fewer] breakdowns, it's more dependable, more consistent. We have some that are approaching a million miles, and they haven't been overhauled," said Mike Williams, president of Williams Tank Lines.

Along with these new ratings for regional-haul trucks, Cummins is continuing to work on expanded ratings for vocational trucks, to provide even greater productivity in ISX12-powered cement mixers, refuse, and vacuum trucks.

The ISX12 will continue to be Cummins vocational and regional/bulk-hauling champion through 2017, and will be available through the end of 2018, with Cummins launching the next-generation X12 at the beginning of 2018.