Transportation management provider has partnered with CargoNet to help combat cargo theft in the trucking industry.

Through the alliance, CargoNet will provide weekly cargo theft incident summaries to members. Additionally, it will offer incentives to members who want to become members of CargoNet.

“Our affiliation with CargoNet will enable us to enhance the overall content provided in the section of our website dedicated to industry alerts,” said Sonny Smith, assurance services director at “This collaborative sharing of information will promote a much higher degree of awareness and help achieve a mutual goal of educating and protecting the industry.”

CargoNet hosts a national cargo theft database and manages an information-sharing system staffed by crime analysts and subject matter experts to speed up recovery support and reduce fraud. CargoNet helps its members prevent cargo theft and improve chances of retrieving stolen goods by providing recovery support, deterrence measures and coordinated, real-time communications between theft victims and law enforcement agents.

CargoNet’s system enhances the effectiveness of cargo theft task forces through the use of case management and analytical functions. The system also contains training and investigative support for law enforcement as well as theft prevention services.

“Our strategic alliance with allows us to extend the reach and value of CargoNet,” said Anthony Canale, general manager of CargoNet. “We’re optimistic that the increased awareness and sharing of data will further the goal of reducing cargo theft.”

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