With a worsening driver shortage looming over the trucking industry, a HireRight survey has found that lack of home time and health issues are two leading causes of driver turnover.

HireRight, a provider of recruiting and retention services, announced the findings in its 2016 Transportation Spotlight report, which examines recruiting and retention practices in the transportation industry.

The survey found that 41% of drivers are leaving to spend more time at home and 21% are leaving due to health issues. While fleets are offering safety and accident prevention programs and driver health programs, as many as 45% of respondents to HireRight’s survey did not offer a wellness program at all.

“Driving is a physically demanding profession and getting proper rest, eating right and maintaining an exercise routine is a challenge due to the nature of the job,” said Steven Spencer, manager director of transportation, HireRight. “The transportation industry is realizing that wellness programs and other methods of improving the quality of life for drivers, while relatively new to motor carriers, are effective ways to attract and retain drivers and boost their overall health, well-being and retention.”

To improve retention, fleets are also offering monetary benefits with 51% of fleets offering increased pay, 49% offering upgraded equipment, and 41% instituting recognition and rewards programs. Some non-monetary benefits have also increased in popularity with 57% investing in driver appreciation events and 35% providing flexible work arrangements.

While the majority of drivers often decide whether they will stay with a company within the first six months, only 32% of fleets surveyed are not using retention tactics for new hires.

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