Photo via Dillon Transport.

Photo via Dillon Transport.

Clean Energy Fuels agreed to a multi-year deal with Dillon Transport to supply its fleet with about 2.5 million DGE, or diesel gallon equivalent, of CNG annually over the course of the agreement. One DGE is a little more than 6 pounds of CNG.

Clean Energy also expects to open three additional public truck-friendly natural gas stations in Texas and Georgia.

“Clean Energy is privileged to expand our 5 year relationship with Dillon to help enable this fleet’s transition to natural gas,” said James Harger, chief marketing officer of Clean Energy. “Dillon’s early leadership in heavy-duty natural gas truck fueling helped pave the way for numerous other heavy-duty fleets to make the switch to natural gas fuel in Texas and beyond.”

Over 200 of Dillon’s 500 truck fleet will use natural gas throughout Clean Energy’s public-access network in Texas and Georgia. Additionally, there are also fueling stations on Dillon property, built and operated by Clean Energy.  

“The successful operation of our Dallas Clean Energy station and our current natural gas fleet operations have proven a lower total cost-per-mile than our diesel fleet,” said Jeff Dillon, president of Dillon Transport. ”Converting the rest of our fleet with Clean Energy as our preferred fuel provider is an extension of our successful natural gas fueling track record.”

Dillon was one of Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top 50 Green Fleets in 2013.