Illustration of backup camera view

Phillips' Rear-Vu backup camera has a 170-degree wide viewing angle.

Photo: Phillips Industries

Phillips Industries said its new Rear-Vu Backup Camera for the commercial trucking industry “promises to transform trailer maneuverability and safety.”

The Rear-Vu Backup Camera is designed to ensure that any driver can connect with any trailer equipped with the device, which has been one of the challenges in adopting rear-view vision systems for tractor-trailers.

The system uses a proprietary WiFi connection that extends over 70 feet, ensuring reliable and continuous service, according to the company.
Rear-Vu integrates with any ELD/navigation system. Updates are done through over-the-air firmware updates, so the system updates automatically without the need for manual upgrades.

Backup Camera Gives Truckers Visibility

The camera has a 170-degree wide viewing angle, offering clear visibility of the bumpers and doors, over 50 feet of visibility behind the trailer, and ultra-low latency of less than 0.25 seconds for real-time viewing.

Phillips Rear-Vu enhances driver confidence and situational awareness; mitigates damage to the trailer, cargo and other obstacles; and keeps pedestrians safe

In addition to its function as a backup camera, Rear-Vu can be used continuously while driving like a rearview mirror, allowing drivers to monitor traffic behind them and make safer lane changes.

Rear-Vu includes a free, dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android devices that simplifies the setup process. Drivers simply download the app, select the trailer they’re pulling, and start viewing, making the system operational within minutes.

Phillips Rear-Vu camera shown installed above trailer doors

Rear-Vu doubles as a dual function marker light and is designed for easy installation and maximum durability.

Photo: Phillips Industries

Simple Installation of Rear-Vu System

Rear-Vu doubles as a dual function marker light and is designed for easy installation and maximum durability.

The camera mounts with two bolts or rivets over the rear center marker light and connects directly into the existing trailer harness using .180 bullets, ensuring that it can be easily adopted across various trailer types.

The Rear-Vu camera can be configured to work with both standard and offset swing and roll door configurations. It’s also fully compatible with dual-mode center clearance brake lights as required in the Canadian market.

The Phillips Rear-Vu Backup Camera system is available to pre-order.

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