HDT's annual Fact Book is a special feature devoted to the trucking industry statistics and...

HDT's annual Fact Book is a special feature devoted to the trucking industry statistics and reference information fleets need to know to 

The data-driven nature of the trucking industry means numbers are flying in from every direction. If fleets can capture those numbers, and pay attention to the trends they create, they can use them to their advantage. So, how can fleets channel all these numbers and translate them into profit? 

Heavy Duty Trucking’s annual Fact Book is designed to provide a snapshot of the current state of the industry, where it’s been, and where it’s going. These numbers can help fleets in planning and benchmarking, and in telling trucking’s story to others. It’s built to serve as a reference guide throughout the year, and help fleet managers make informed decisions about their business based on current, and projected, industry trends. 

This is the eighth year for the HDT Fact Book, and the second year the editors were able to work-in HDT's own original research, which can be found in the Safety section. The editors have beem selective with the data and statistics they've chosen, looking to illustrate industry trends that fleet managers should be aware of.  

Dive into the data here.

  • Industry: High Fuel Prices, Market Shifting Mark Industry Trends

  • Logistics: Out-of-Sync Supply Chains & Logistics Transformation

  • Safety: Fleets Work to Adapt to Changing Safety, Regulatory Landscape

  • Drivers: Driver Turnover Slows

  • Sustainability: Attention Shifts Away from Diesel Trucks

  • Equipment: Supply Chain Keeps Truck Makers from Overbuilding

  • Maintenance: Trucking Fleets Focus on Preventive Maintenance

Let us know what data you’d like to see in the 2023 Fact Book! Email Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge at dlockridge@truckinginfo.com.  

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