PPG Technical Instructor Jamie Redd sprays Delfleet One basecoat at the PPG Business Development Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Photo by PPG Refinish Group  -

PPG Technical Instructor Jamie Redd sprays Delfleet One basecoat at the PPG Business Development Center in Columbus, Ohio. 

Photo by PPG Refinish Group

Premium paint system combines impressive color capability and painter-friendly application with the industry’s lowest VOC ratings.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand within the OEM and refinish segments of the commercial transportation sector for environmentally progressive paint products that limit the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

In response, many coatings manufacturers are focusing their efforts on reducing the VOC content of solvent-based coatings for commercial use. The challenge is how to reduce VOCs without sacrificing the performance characteristics required to deliver quality work.

One manufacturer who has met these demands head-on is PPG, and the introduction of the PPG DELFLEET ONE® paint system. It’s an ultra-low VOC offering consisting of undercoats, topcoats and clearcoats suitable for use across the entire commercial transportation continuum—from OEMs to truck collision shops.

“Our customers want a progressive coating that efficiently enhances job quality and productivity while reducing its environmental impact,” said Scott Colvin, PPG brand manager, fleet segments, USCA Commercial Coatings – Refinish. “And that’s exactly what we aimed to deliver.”

The Delfleet One system provides the lowest VOC product ratings available for a commercial paint system: 1.5 VOC for basecoat, direct gloss and matte finishes. Undercoats and clearcoats have VOC ratings of 2.0 or less. Overall, the product line is rated to reduce VOC emissions by 57% compared to conventional commercial paint systems.

While statistics like this are impressive, what really matters is the opinion of those who use the Delfleet One system on a daily basis. Can an ultra-low VOC offering come through with the desired performance results? For John Melvin Jr., owner of JM Collision Center in Laveen Village, Ariz., the answer is a resounding yes.

Photo by JM Collision Center, Inc.  -

Photo by JM Collision Center, Inc.

“We’re very sensitive to ecological concerns and understand the importance of being environmentally accountable,” said Melvin. “When state and county inspectors come into the shop and see we’re using an ultra-low VOC coating, they’re very pleased.”

Melvin switched to the Delfleet One system shortly after it was introduced in 2018 and the low VOC emissions is just one of several qualities he appreciates. “I’m a hands-on painter and I’ve worked with a lot of coatings over the past 40-plus years. This one is very easy to use for any skill level and the color matching and tint capabilities are exceptional.

“I’ve also experienced greater efficiency with the Delfleet One line when compared to my previous brand. I don’t need to use as much paint, so I’ve been able to reduce my inventory and my bottom line is better.”

Cody Kuklisin is a paint and body technician for Kuhnle Brothers, Inc., a trucking company located in Geauga County, Ohio. He has been using the Delfleet One paint system since 2019 and was quick to point out the system’s ease of use and productivity. “When the PPG support team came in and showed us what it could do, it made our jobs easier,” explained Kuklisin. “It’s a simplified coating where everything works together—the primers, colors and clears. You don’t have to use six different products to get the same result.

Photo by Kuhnle Brothers, Inc.  -

Photo by Kuhnle Brothers, Inc.

“Plus, the coverage is pretty amazing. We spray two coats, but even one coat would work just fine. At the end of the day, our cycle times have been significantly reduced with Delfleet One. That’s important because you’re constantly battling the clock in this business.”

One interesting aspect of employing an environmentally progressive coating is that customers can market it to the commercial vehicle audience in different ways. For example, Patrick Connell, CEO and owner of Delaware Truck Refinishers in New Castle, Del., promotes the environmental benefits of the system. “By choosing this ultra-low VOC paint line, I’m able to align my company brand with a top paint brand. It was an instant image upgrade environmentally, and one I’m happy to promote.”

Photo by Delaware Truck Refinishers  -

Photo by Delaware Truck Refinishers

Of course, the ultra-low VOC content isn’t the only attribute Connell hangs his hat on. “The product did exactly what it was designed to do,” said Connell. “It’s simple to apply, offers outstanding color capability and productivity—and it’s great for all kinds of jobs. What more can you ask for?”

As other coatings manufacturers move in a similar ecologically progressive direction with PPG and the PPG Delfleet One system, the commercial vehicle industry as a whole will benefit—since we all want to set higher standards for more environmentally progressive products.

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