-  Image: PrePass

Image: PrePass

PrePass Safety Alliance recently completed work on more than 1,000 new PrePass Alerts, making the roadways safer by informing trucks drivers of road hazards, work zones, parking spaces, and more.

PrePass Alerts features a number of different messages for drivers, including: Steep Grades, Gusty Winds, Runaway Truck Ramps, Work Zones, Truck Parking Availability, Rest Areas, No Commercial Roads, and Brake Check Chain-Up Areas, and is available at no cost on the PrePass Motion app.

“This expansion of the Alerts system on PrePass Motion gives drivers very important information to keep them safe and on time as they travel down the road,” said Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “Working in collaboration with our state agency, enforcement and trucking industry partners, PrePass was the first bypass platform to offer these safety enhancements, and we expect more growth in the program soon.”

PrePass Motion operates as a standalone app or in conjunction with the PrePass transponder for weigh station bypassing. The Motion weigh station bypass app is an enhancement that offers additional bypass sites and increased functionality, including Alerts.

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