-  Photo: Dorsey Intermodal

Photo: Dorsey Intermodal

Dorsey Intermodal recently announced a partnership with manufacturer THACO Special Vehicles to produce a full line of marine and domestic chassis, resulting in a new option for chassis in the U.S. market.

Dorsey recently completed a new production facility to expand capacity and its chassis offerings. The partnership with THACO will more than triple volume capability, increasing from 3,000 units to more than 10,000 per year.

“We’re excited about the synergy that this partnership will create in the industry,” said Dorsey President J.P. Pierson.

Vietnamese-based THACO Special Vehicles manufactures cars for BMW and Kia as well as commercial vehicles, including buses, dump trucks, and trailers.

“The THACO facilities are fully automated with robotic welding, electrostatic painting, and other efficiencies necessary for high volume production,” said Pierson.

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