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Technology: What if Cars and Trucks Could Talk to Each Other?

Imagine: A truck driver gets a signal on his dash, warning him that a car ahead that he cannot see has slammed on the brakes. Or that he's going too fast for the curve ahead/

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Using Analytics for Proactive Predictions

Technology allows fleets to take a much more proactive role in managing safety. In the past, addressing driver behavior was a reactive task, something you did after an event of some kind: an accident, a citation, a motorist's complaint

Building Safer Trucks

A driver grabs an exit and heads into the curve of the ramp too fast. He steers hard to try to make the sharpening turn, but his trailer can't follow. Its rear begins flipping and the motion quickly continues forward, pulling over the tractor

The Feds' Safety Wish List

Topping the list of federal initiatives on truck safety technology is a proposal due any time from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require stability control systems on heavy-duty tractors

QES Webinar Emphasizes EOBRs for Management, Compliance

Before adopting electronic logs in 2010, Kinard Trucking and Logistics, a 175-truck fleet in York, Pa., was seeing a 25% rate of log violations fleetwide. The violation rate dropped to 15% within the first year and is now about 1%

Synthetic-Web Strapping Under Scrutiny

What do you know about the synthetic web strapping you use to secure cargo? What you need to know is that it has a label, tag or stencil showing the manufacturer's name and/or trademark, and the working load limit of the strap in pounds or kilograms. You've got all that? The label even says the strap is DOT approved. You're good to go, right? Guess what? There are no DOT standards for cargo strapping

Government Cracks Down on Distracted Driving; What's a Fleet to Do?

It's a fact: Fleets with the highest safety performance records also have stringent policies on in-cab cell phone use, according to the recent Strength in Numbers Fleet Benchmarking Study sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety

The Future of Roadside Inspections

You're driving down the road and approaching a truck weigh/inspec­tion station. An amber light blinks on the dash, advising that your driver and vehicle credentials, vehicle condition and trip information are being gathered and transmitted to the inspection station's computers for analysis. A few moments later, the light blinks green.

Using Technology to Combat Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been the subject of two national DOT summits in the past two years, and new Federal Motor Carrier rules that became effective in October prohibit commercial drivers from texting while driving

Driving With the Wingman Collision Avoidance System

Think of any rear-end accident you've ever seen or heard of, where a truck slams into a stopped or slower-moving vehicle. What was its cost in injuries, lives and property damage