XRS Corp.'s white paper analyzes a convergence of technology trends in the trucking industry that will have a far‐reaching impact on safety, efficiency and competition.

Featuring research from Gartner (The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information, “Convergence: Mobility in Trucking Is Now Anywhere, Anything, Anytime, Anyone," examined how pervasive trends in mobile technology adoption and use can help decision‐makers address three major burdens impacting everyday trucking operations: regulatory compliance, safety and efficiency, and driver recruitment/retention.

The white paper details how convergent technologies can benefit drivers and fleet managers by:

  • Tapping into a broad range of mobile business applications, like weigh station bypass, POD, routing and dispatch apps, strengthening their competitive advantage and empowering their employees, no matter where they are.
  • Enhancing their personal and professional lives via social media engagement by gaining access to rich crowd‐sourced information, tapping conversations for business intelligence and staying in touch with loved ones when far away from home.
  • Connecting and collaborating with employees, partners and customers on a secure, expandable cloud platform, offering greater transparency across the entire supply chain.
  • Capturing, analyzing and reporting on vast amounts of information, helping drive operational efficiencies and metric‐driven business decisions.

By TruckingInfo