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ELDs: The Final Countdown

ELDs: The Final Countdown

ELDs: The Final Countdown

Countdown to December
A significant number of fleets are still running grandfathered AOBRDs. What do they need to know before the December deadline? 

Is your ELD really compliant?
What carriers should ask their providers to make sure their ELDs will be fully compliant come the final deadline?

Enforcement: What drivers need to know
Common misconceptions among drivers, roadside officials, and fleets. Drivers need to understand the rules – what they need to have in their truck, how to share data etc.

The gold mine of ELD data
Fleets can use ELD data to better manage their business, use them as the building block of wider telematics capabilities, work with shippers to address detention time, and more. 

Who’s who in ELD suppliers
A listing of companies on FMCSA’s approved ELD list; advertisers can get enhanced logo listings.

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By HDT and Select ELD Solution Providers