-  Image: Whip Around

Image: Whip Around

Fleet inspection and maintenance software developer Whip Around has introduced a new feature to its app that allows fleet managers to manage and track vehicle faults flagged by drivers during daily vehicle inspections.

“We’re excited to launch great new functionality and features that enable anyone managing a fleet to get immediately notified of any faults, triage them with detailed information, and then take corrective action or arrange repairs with mechanics wherever they are, all from their smartphone,” said Tim Boyle, CEO of Whip Around.

Using the Whip Around mobile app, drivers can communicate vehicle faults noticed during inspection to fleet managers instantly, which can then be accessed, given a status update, and assigned to mechanics for repair. Photos and comments are both easily added and accessed by both drivers and fleet managers, allowing them to communicate any issues that may affect compliance, safety, or performance.

The new feature was designed to give fleets more control of asset compliance, maintenance, and driver wellness.

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