Phillips Industries has enhanced its Qbox trailer wire management nose-box system by including its Permalogic power management  system. The nose-box equipped with the Permalogic feature manages power to the trailer dome lamps at the 7-way connection. By either manually switching the dome lamps on and off on the Qbox, stepping on the brake pedal to turn lamps off, allowing the system’s automatic timer to turn off the lamps, or through a low voltage disconnect, the possibility of leaving trailer dome lamps on is eliminated. This saves the battery, and the expense and wasted valuable time of a roadside service call.

Phillips’ Qbox is designed to offer 50% more interior working space, the company said, keeping trailer wires organized and pinch-free. IT has a Sta-Dry housing, which protects the internal wiring against corrosion, chemicals, and extreme weather. The Qbox also features Phillips’QCS2 (Quick-Change Socket), for fast and easy socket replacement that offers corrosion protection at the 7-way trailer connection.

The Qbox with Permalogoc is available to spec with or without circuit breakers. The company said retrofitting a Qbox already installed on a trailer to include the Permalogic function requires a lid replacement, rather than removal and installation of an entirely new nose-box.

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