Jonathan Gravell, vice president of business development for PSI, explained how TireView Live...

Jonathan Gravell, vice president of business development for PSI, explained how TireView Live works through third-party telematics providers.

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Pressure Systems International unveiled the TireView Live tire management tool during a press conference at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta Oct. 29.

TireView Live is a data analytics platform for tires, explained Jim Sharkey, vice president global sales and marketing, adding, “Frankly, tire inflation motoring and inflation provide a snapshot in time – we’re looking for the big picture.”

PSI unveiled TireView earlier this year, adding tire pressure monitoring to its longtime automatic tire inflation system offerings.

Combined with the TireView TPMS product line, TireView Live allows fleets to not only see tire health online and in real-time, but also to view and analyze tire history. This can be critical in evaluating whether immediate action must be taken, or if a repair can be scheduled at the end of the run.

“We are not in the telematics business,” he said, “but we want to offer a platform where they can get their data, do data analysis with algorithms and understand what’s happening with their equipment. Our goal is to work with third-party telematics providers; if they don’t have one, we can provide our own telematics, but our focus is to combine our sensing value with other portals.”

Jonathan Gravell, vice president of business development, explained that by working through other trailer telematics providers, customers can access the TireView Live data through the same dashboard that’s feeding them data on things such as trailer temperature and whether doors are open.

The first three partners are Road Ready by Truck-Lite, Phillips Connect Technologies, and FleetLocate by Spireon, with more to come, Gravell said.

And it’s not just viewing data in real time. “You can run a report to find out which vehicles ran on low pressure, how long, what is the percentage they ran underinflated for how long.”

TireView Live was developed to be the primary, fleet-wide solution for tire management:

  • Data Accumulation: TireView Live provides a data analytics platform that allows fleets to track and manage tire performance and provide fleet management the ability to compile historical data for pressure and temperature for their tires. 
  • Categorized Assets: Equipped vehicles can be grouped for optimized tire analytics, such as tractor vs. trailer, or long-haul vs P&D. This ability provides increased accuracy of data to make it more understandable for effective decision making.
  • User-Specified Alerts: The platform includes easily modified threshold settings for all parameters, for the entire fleet. There is no need to reset such alerts for individual vehicles.
  • Notification Flexibility: Event types can be set individually or combined to generate a grid alert or email alerts to one or multiple recipients to optimize fleet management. They can also be sent via text messages to key people within an organization, such as various repair shops to generate work orders.
  • Telematics Partners: P.S.I. is establishing telematics integration partners to collect data from the vehicles, and reduce telematics hardware, related fees, and typical platform sign-ins.
  • Independent Platform Updates:  Updates and modifications to the TireView Live platform are made quickly and independently of the telematics platform. This means that fleets don’t have to wait for new versions to be rolled out.
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