Phillips Connect Technologies has partnered with Pressure systems International to provide telematics solutions for P.S.I.’s Automatic Tire Inflation System and TireView products.

This combined solution offers the capability to remotely pre-check the lights and tires on a parked trailer or chassis.  This avoids the potential for dry runs before a tractor arrives, which can save fuel and driver hours.

“The ability to proactively pre-check the status of a transportation asset remotely from any device connected to the internet is an absolute game-changer in terms of operational efficiency,” said Cliff Creech, business development manager intermodal for PCT.

Phillips Connect Technologies provides telematics solutions for trailers, chassis, and containers that add fully integrated cargo and health monitoring (lights, brakes, and tires) to real-time GPS tracking. 

Pressure Systems International is a provider of automatic tire inflation for trailers.

Earlier this year, it also announced the addition of TireView tire pressure and temperature monitoring for all vehicles, including trucks and tractors. TireView is designed to deliver real-time tire health to a fleet’s operation which can provide an operational advantage when planning loads and equipment utilization.