Eaton's Endurant 12-speed automated transmission. Photo: Eaton

Eaton's Endurant 12-speed automated transmission. Photo: Eaton

LAS VEGAS – Eaton updated its ServiceRanger 4 diagnostic and service tool to give commercial service providers a suite of solutions that can more quickly diagnose and repair problems on Eaton automated transmission products. The company made the announcement at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas.

In addition to the product enhancements, Eaton is simplifying the ServiceRanger 4 product offering to just Basic (read only) and Professional (full service) license options. Based on customer feedback, Eaton has also created a new multi-year licensing option – available for one or three years of uninterrupted service – in both the Basic program or the Professional program. Eaton also adjusted  pricing to allow for a more rapid adoption in the heavy-duty service provider network.

“With the acceptance of automated transmission products continuing to grow, we want to make ServiceRanger 4 more accessible to speed up repair times and reduce truck down time,” said Bill Gross, program manager, service solutions, Eaton. “The new ServiceRanger 4 is a powerful tool to help professional technicians diagnose and fix complex problems affecting automated and electronic systems.”

Features and benefits of ServiceRanger 4 include:

  • Viewing active and inactive fault codes to Identify issues and link directly to troubleshooting procedures
  • Creating and reviewing service activity reports automatically to improve communication between the technician and customers
  • Running specialized tests to identify hard-to-determine issues
  • Viewing and editing configuration parameters to keep vehicles optimized for changing needs and preferences
  • Updating product software to improve performance and enable new features
  • Viewing all service information on Eaton products to remove and install components
  • Automatic updates that provide information on the latest Eaton products, service information and software updates.

“Our goal with the changes we are making to the ServiceRanger 4 software is to ensure end user customers running Eaton products can have a rapid diagnosis and improved service experience anywhere in the North American market and we believe the changes being introduced today will make that goal a reality,” said Tim Bauer, vice president aftermarket North America, Eaton.

For more information, visit the Eaton website.