On an unopened highway in Croatia, world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey battles in the wind to cross the line between two speeding trucks.

Will she make it before the trucks reach the tunnel that lies behind the next bend?

The "ballerina stunt" was done by Volvo Trucks to demonstrate "the precision and control" of its FH series trucks.

Faith Dickey is a women's world record holder in "slacklining." According to Wikipedia, slacklining typically uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Slacklining is distinct from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut (although it is still under some tension); it is instead dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline.

The line's tension can be adjusted to suit the user and different types of webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats. The line itself is flat, due to the nature of webbing, thus keeping the slacker's footing from rolling as would be the case with an ordinary rope. The dynamic nature of the line allows for impressive tricks and stunts, says Wikipedia.

And this Volvo video is certainly an impressive stunt. Billed as the world's first moving slackline stunt, it requires perfect sync between, trucks, drivers and slackliner. As the medics on the location say, "It's crazy!"