In the science fiction of the last century, the 21st Century was seen as a wonderment of technology, with flying cars and tricorders, moon colonies and household robots.

Here we are, going on two decades into the century, and while we may not have flying cars, we do have an amazing array of technology at our fingertips, both in our personal lives and in trucking. That's changing how we live and how we do business.

This 10-part series explores those technologies and what it means for the success of our readers' businesses.

How is e-commerce driving some fleets to change their offerings? Will we truly see "Uber for trucking" apps, and how do you compete? Changes in the supply chain involve distribution centers located closer to customers, and 3D printing and smart warehouses affect freight demand and patterns. When will platooning become a reality, and what will autonomous technologies mean to the driver shortage? How do fleets manage the torrent of data available? All this and more will be covered in this ambitious series.

Bookmark this link, because each month we’ll add the next part in the series to this page, as well as exclusive web-only content. You’ll see articles exploring other facets of changing logistics and technology, videos, photo galleries and more.

In the Magazine

Part 1, January HDT: Trucking in the 21st Century

Part 2 February HDT: How E-Commerce is Changing Trucking

Part 3 March HDT: The Long and the Short of Truckload Today

Part 4. April HDT: The Big and Small of Last Mile Delivery

Part 5 May HDT:  How Apps are Improving Trucking Efficiency

Part 6 July HDT: Getting Smart in the Warehouse

Part 7 September HDT: Smart Trucks Have Already Arrived

Part 8 October HDT: The Cyber Threat From Within

                                Cyber Security: Connect at Your Own Risk

Part 9 November HDT: Which Way to the Smart Highway?

Part 10 December HDT: Blockchain Shows Promise for Trucking


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