ATLANTA — SAF-Holland has introduced its large-capacity 20K Neway LSZ auxiliary steerable lift axle suspension, designed to be more compact with increased lift speed and improved ride performance. The company also a new retrofitkKit for its automatic fifth wheel lighting system here at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta.

With an 18.3-inch package size, the LSZ’s design is up to eight inches shorter than comparable lift axles, according to SAF-Holland, allowing it to fit into tighter spaces and providing extra frame rail space for additional equipment. The LSZ on a new truck can reduce the vehicle’s overall wheelbase as well, providing more maneuverability to get in and out of tight spots.

The SuperChamber lift device provides double the lift speed of traditional air springs, according to SAF-Holland, protecting tire life and improving efficiency. SAF-Holland also says that it is more durable then comparable lifts and its strong lift force keeps the axle from bouncing and banging on the chassis, offering more comfort for drivers. The SuperChamber also provides increased protection from road hazards and easier access for servicing.

The angled design of the LSZ air springs improves tracking, stability, tire life and ground clearance. The LSZ also uses rolling lobe style air springs for a softer ride.

The LSZ has a proprietary kingpin design to improve ease of maintenance. No drilling, shimming, reaming, or the use of dial indicators is necessary. If knuckle components wear out, they can be replaced by removing a single bolt.

New SAF-Holland LSZ20 suspension Photo: SAF-Holland

New SAF-Holland LSZ20 suspension Photo: SAF-Holland

Retrofit Kit for Eli-te Fifth Wheel Coupling Assistant

SAF-Holland also released a new retrofit kit for its automatic fifth wheel lighting system called Electronic Lock Indicator (Eli-te). The Holland Eli-te is designed to help drivers quickly confirm the proper coupling of their fifth wheel.

Designed for Holland FW35 Series Fifth Wheels, the Eli-te features a long-life, application specific electronic control module that is mounted directly to the fifth wheel top plate. It features electrical output capability to support connection with remote indicators.

With the retrofit Kit, fleets can add Eli-te to an FW35 Series Fifth Wheel. The kit is available through SAF-Holland’s original parts aftermarket distributors and dealers. In addition to the Retrofit kit, it’s also available as a replacement top plate or as a complete fifth wheel assembly to replace non-Holland fifth wheels.

Photo: Evan Lockridge

Photo: Evan Lockridge

Donation to Wyakin Foundation

SAF-Holland has announced support of the Wyakin Foundation through its Gold Line Quality Parts product line with HDA Truck Pride members, donating $74,000 to the Boise, Idaho-based charity.

Wyakin mission's is to serve as a conduit that connects wounded and injured veterans to more fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance. The SAF-Holland promotion was focused on its Gold Line Quality parts product line of parts. The promotion included grease, bearings, king pin locks, air springs, and landing gear accessories.

Wyakin provides expert professional and leadership development, strategic networking support, academic and career planning, and project management experiences to veterans in order to better prepare them for a post-military career.