CRST Expedited has announced a 15% pay increase for new contract student drivers, who have received commercial driver’s license training through the company’s sponsored training program.

“Our student drivers are a critical part of our team,” said Cameron Holzer, president of CRST Expedited. “Ensuring they are successful in starting out their professional driving career is a top priority to us.”

Many of the new drivers are trained at CRST’s North American Driver Training Academy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In addition to the driver training academy, CRST has invested in driver education over the past several years by building a driver training and truck repair facility in Riverside, Calif., expanding the driver training facility in Cedar Rapids, and implementing The Gold Rules initiative focused on improving the driver experience and reducing driver turnover.

Last year, CRST Expedited played a role in training 3,740 new drivers. The company offers on-campus lodging, classrooms, meals, and entertainment while offering training to its drivers at no-cost.

“As CRST continues growing, we want to continue to invest in our drivers,” said Mike Gannon,  CRST group president and COO. “These drivers are critical to the future success of our industry as we face an increasingly challenging market to find qualified drivers.”

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