Kenworth's newest vocational model, the T880, unveiled in Louisville, KY yesterday.

Kenworth's newest vocational model, the T880, unveiled in Louisville, KY yesterday.

LOUISVILLE -- Kenworth today unveiled its latest vocational model, the T880. Numerically, the T880 is the next generation of the venerable T800, but Kenworth has no immediate plans to retire that workhorse.

The new T880 is for vocational applications, including dump, mixer, refuse, and heavy haul. Its addition will complement Kenworth’s current vocational line-up that includes the T800, T440, W900S and C500. The T880 goes into production later this summer.

The T880 features the same 2.1-meter wide cab as the T680 that made its debut here at the Mid-American Trucking Show last year, offering 23 inches of room between the seats. There are two interior trim levels to choose from, the premium Diamond VIT and Vantage trim. Both are available in Sandstone Tan and Slate Gray.

Standard power is the 12.9-liter Paccar MX-13 engine -- which now includes ratings of 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The high-output MX-13 is suitable for heavy haul applications over 100,000 lbs GVW. The T880 also is available with the Cummins ISX15 engine with up to 600 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque.

The T880 borrows extensively from the well-received T680. It features the same panoramic windshield for enhanced visibility, triple-sealed doors for an extra quiet driving environment, and an air-assisted hydraulic clutch for easy-on-the-knees, ultra-smooth gear changes.

The 5-piece hood allows for easier and faster repairs, and Kenworth will offer several new lightweight, factory-installed lift axles.

“On top of all that, we designed the T880 with distinctively sculpted lines that form an evolutionary, but uniquely Kenworth look,” says Kevin Baney, Kenworth chief engineer.

Other notable features include:

  • Stamped Aluminum Cab: The lightweight cab is new for vocational applications. It is robotically assembled and the stamped aluminum panels are connected by Henrob self-penetrating fasteners for an extremely durable cab, with enhanced resistance to noise, vibration and corrosion.
  • Robust Door: The lightweight, stamped aluminum door is extremely durable and robust enough to support up to 400 lbs. A pressure relief valve equalizes interior and exterior air pressure to make the door easy to open and close. The door is triple sealed against the elements and road noise.
  • Metton Hood: This durable composite material is well suited to vocational applications because of its inherent impact resistance and finished surface. The hood comes in two configurations, both with bolt-on fenders. The T880 is available in a 116.5-inch BBC. It also is available in a 122.5-inch BBC standard length.
  • T880 Vocational Options: The T880 is available with five new, factory-installed and lightweight Watson & Chalin lift axles, including a 10K offering for the first time and a 20K version with a 200-lb weight savings. Also offered are new steering gears for improved steering feedback and increased wheel-cut for greater maneuverability.

 Regional T680 with 52-in. Sleeper

Kenworth also revealed a regional version of the T680, intended for short-haul operations where drivers are in the truck for just a few days at a time. The truck features a 52-inch sleeper and a shorter BBC on models spec'd with the MX-13 engine.

“Kenworth’s new mid-roof sleeper offers greater efficiency for operators in regional haul applications,” said Baney. “The 52-inch sleeper delivers a big package in a small footprint; it’s a very efficient design. The sleeper is ideal for regional haul applications where drivers spend two to three nights on the road."

The mid-rood version of the T680 is intended for regional operations.

The mid-rood version of the T680 is intended for regional operations.

The smaller package also yields substantial weight savings. The 52-inch sleeper will save up to 700 pounds versus the 76-inch sleeper available with the T680. Its mid-roof configuration is ideal for tank and flatbed operations, and a roof fairing is available for van applications. The mid-roof configuration provides ample room for a driver 6-foot, 4 inches tall to stand between the seats.

The mid-roof sleeper features a liftable lower bunk and upper storage units on the sleeper’s back wall, including hanging storage for drivers to hang their clothes and jackets, or an optional upper bunk for driving teams. A bunk heater, flat screen TV and premium sound system can be added for even more driver comfort.

“By offering the mid-roof sleeper, Kenworth is providing customers more options for fuel-efficiency and a comfortable, space-efficient living and working environment,” Baney said. “That’s an important consideration for haulers whose drivers aren’t out on the road for several weeks at a time, but still demand comfort in their home-away-from-home.”

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