The Evans Network of Companies has developed an online community for its independent contractors.
Evans Pitstop is designed to provide tools for drivers to better manage their finances as well as create a community with their fellow contractors.

There are five main areas in Pitstop:
* Personal Wealth. Contractors can learn about IRAs and college savings plans and start the process to open an account. Once they open those accounts, they can manage the amount that flows into their various accounts weekly.

* Business Resources. Drivers can see their settlement reports every Wednesday before it is received on Friday, giving them a better opportunity to allocate their funds as well as question particular pay items. They can also view all their historical settlement reports as well as search for individual loads in the search function.

* Training. The training section allows contractors to complete some of their training in the comfort of their home and on their own schedule.

* Information. Here, contractors can learn more about what is going on in the industry as well as get some tips on how to make their business more profitable.

* Lifestyles. Contractors are given resources for their personal life. A marketplace is available to post items for sale. A travel agent is available to assist with planning vacations. There is also a pinball game, and the high score every month wins a Nintendo Wii game system.

"Drivers spend a great deal of time in virtual isolation in their trucks and this provides a resource through which they can be part of an online community," said Chris Giltz, senior vice president of operations for Evans Network.

Located throughout the portal is "Ask Earl," which gives contractors a direct line to the management team at Evans for questions or suggestions. Evans Network currently contracts with more than 1,400 owner-operators across the nation and has over 100 service centers throughout the U.S. The Network provides transportation services in the intermodal container and trailer drayage, van truckload and flatbed markets.