It's one thing to try out one or two battery-electric trucks. How do you scale that to 15, 20, or more?  -  Photo: NACFE

It's one thing to try out one or two battery-electric trucks. How do you scale that to 15, 20, or more?

Photo: NACFE

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is planning a three-week Run on Less demonstration program to showcase electric trucks delivering real freight on real routes — and the charging systems they use.

During 2021’s Run on Less-Electric, one of the key learnings was that the transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure, grid capacity, etc. From this realization came the idea of Run on Less – Electric Depot (RoL-E Depot) to learn and share best practices for scaling electric trucks at depots.

“In order to ensure the long-term success of electric trucks, we need to start learning from fleets who are beginning to scale their use of electric vehicles,” said Mike Roeth, NACFE executive director, in an email announcement. “We want this one to focus on likely the biggest challenge to scaling the deployment of electric trucks. Lots of fleets have deployed one or two electric trucks, but few have made the move to having 15 or more trucks.”

The 2023 Run on Less-Electric Depot will:

  • Involve around eight fleet depots with 15-20 or more Class 3 to 8 battery-electric vehicles operating in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Explain fleet scaling considerations such as charging infrastructure, engagement with utilities, total cost of ownership management, driver and technician training, etc.
  • Take deep-dive looks into utilities, charging equipment, construction, etc.
  • Highlight effective partnerships between fleets, OEMs, and utilities.
  • Facilitate industry conversations around the necessary supporting actions.
  • Conclude with a finale and education series at major truck conferences.

Detailed results and findings will be published in a focused report in mid-2024. NACFE is looking for participants and sponsors for the event.

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