There are now three entities certifying electronic logging devices in Canada.

There are now three entities certifying electronic logging devices in Canada.

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Although there are still no certified electronic logging devices available to meet new Canada’s new ELD mandate, its government has added a third body approved to do those certifications.

Commercial Driver Technology joins FPInnovations and CSA Group as the only third-party organizations that can certify whether a device meets underlying technical standards required by Canada’s Transport Canada agency.

Unlike the United States, Canada requires all ELDs to be certified by an independent third party before they can be offered for sale. And even U.S.-based fleets that operate across the border will be required to use Canadian-approved devices.

The ELD mandate officially went into effect June 12, but provinces and territories are not yet enforcing the rules, citing challenges including the lack of certified devices. Enforcement is being phased in over 12 months.

Commercial Driver Technology founder Robin Doherty has been involved in the commercial motor carrier industry for more than two decades and has extensive experience with ELD technology, according to an announcement. He says having a solid background in motor carrier safety, training, and compliance is important for understanding the context and use of ELD technology in fleets.

“We are staunch supporters of certifying ELDs to a common technical standard and have witnessed firsthand how the certification process increases the quality and trustworthiness of the product,” said Doherty in an announcement. “Expert third-party certification means drivers, motor carriers, and inspectors can worry less about what the ELD is doing and focus on benefits the ELD data provides.” 

Companies accredited to certify ELDs must follow the process and test procedures defined by Transport Canada. Certification is contingent on the successful completion of more than 400 tests. Following certification, ELD providers must ensure that each certified model they offer remains compliant with the technical standard.

ELD certification bodies are required to conduct annual surveillance audits on each ELD provider’s offerings as well as maintenance audits when a particular device is upgraded, or when non-conformance with the technical standard is discovered.

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