During a YouTube launch, Peterbilt unveiled its New Model 579 on February 3, 2021. The new truck...

During a YouTube launch, Peterbilt unveiled its New Model 579 on February 3, 2021. The new truck is the first significant upgrade of the Model 579 aerodynamic tractor, which was launched at the Mid-America Truck Show in 2012.

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During a Feb. 3 YouTube launch, Peterbilt unveiled its New Model 579. The new truck is the first significant upgrade of the Model 579 aerodynamic tractor, which was launched at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2012.

Peterbilt Product Marketing Manager Jacob White told HDT in a special preview of the truck ahead of the announcement that the New Model 579 is a major evolution of the Model 579, with improvements in aerodynamics, efficiency, comfort, technology and uptime.

White said Peterbilt designers and engineers have delivered the most technologically advanced truck Peterbilt has ever built. The new 579 is also the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Peterbilt, thanks to the new exterior design featuring a new more steeply sloped hood and optimized aero components, as well as the new 2021 Paccar MX-13 and MX-11 engines and Paccar automated transmission.

Inside the cab, White said the New Model 579’s improved comfort features will have drivers feeling right at home on the road with a 10% quieter cab and sleeper, additional storage, a new smart steering wheel, and an improved Bluetooth microphone. Highlighting the New 579's innovative technologies is a 15-inch Digital Dash Display, delivering all the information drivers need in a clean, intuitive interface. In addition, the new truck features advanced driver assistance systems providing drivers the latest safety technologies in the form of collision mitigation, lane departure warning, and the new lane keeping assist (LKA).

Key exterior features include a redesigned, more durable Metton hood that is narrower and more resistant to damage. This is topped off with Peterbilt’s iconic, and aerodynamic, “bird” ornament, with a bright stainless steel grille and improved halogen or optional LED headlights. A new three-piece bumper integrates the forward radar cover for collision mitigation, with a larger aerodynamic air dam, and provides both protection against damage and lower replacement costs. Improvements to the aero mirrors, fairings, side skirts and closeouts help improve the overall aerodynamic shape, with the revised A-pillar vane redirecting airflow around the windshield reducing friction and helping deliver a 10% noise reduction in the cabin. Peterbilt designers infused the new 579 with a look that is both bold and elegant.

The New Model 579 is packed with new technology as both standard and optional equipment, White said, including a new digital dash, which fully integrates with electrical and safety systems found on the new 579, including the Bendix Fusion Advanced Driver Assistance System.

White called the new display screen “state-of-art” and noted that its 15-inch display features a fully customizable user interface, delivering an almost endless combination of digital gauges on the main screen at any one time. Operators control the digital UI through one of three different Drive View Zones. Minimized View eliminates everything but the speedometer and tachometer for minimal driver distraction. Basic View represents traditional information found on analog dashes, with air and oil pressure, fuel and DEF level, and water temperature all prominently displayed along with a speedometer and tachometer. The Enhanced View builds upon the previous views, displaying the maximum number of gauges from a list of over 30 information sources. Using the Digital Display, operators can fine-tune the information shown to suit their individual needs through the controls found on the all-new steering wheel.

Prior to trip departure, the Digital Display has the ability to run through a visual Systems Check, inspecting 13 systems and providing a green checkmark with each passed test. Post-trip, a detailed Trip Information screen provides a breakdown of important metrics of the most recent journey.

The new Model 579 is also equipped with technologies designed to maximize safety. Incorporated within the Digital Display, the advanced driver assistance systems, with integrated camera and radar technology enable advanced features, including collision mitigation, overspeed alerts and lane keep assist, are displayed prominently in the center of the screen. The Digital Vision System provides drivers enhanced, camera-enabled vision around the truck at all times including at night and during inclement weather. These features lessen the driver’s workload and enhance safety and uptime.

White said that Peterbilt worked with over 50 of its customers to understand their unique operations and needs, and incorporated their input into the design of the new truck. Validation units have already accumulated 1.5 million real world miles, and combined with the durability testing done at the Paccar Technical Center, the new 579 is the most reliable truck ever designed by Peterbilt, according to the company.

The new Model 579 is available for order starting immediately, in a day cab configuration, integral 80-inch UltraLoft sleeper, and a variety of other sleeper sizes.

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