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Operations & Fuel Economy

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

There are still legions of drivers who are not practicing even the most basic fuel-saving techniques. Just hang around an intersection with a lot of truck traffic and liste

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Driving Fuel Efficiency

What's in it for me? That's what drivers want to know when you try to get them to save fuel. There are few stronger motivators than a good return on an investment. Building driver buy-in to your fuel economy program requires enough incentiv

Funding Your Idle Habits: A Quick Guide to Idle Reduction Equipment Funding

If you drive a truck or maintain a fleet, chances are you've heard talk about other companies getting emissions reduction equipment at a reduced rate, or even free with government funding

EPA's SmartWay Looks for a Smarter Way

In this era of complaining about heavy-handed government, here's one federal program that gets cheers all around

A Peek at How Engine Makers Might Hit New Fuel Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

Barely had the trucking industry heaved a collective sigh of relief at putting EPA 2010 behind us when in May of 2010, from the Rose Garden at the White House, came a Presidential Memorandum targeting greenhouse gas emission

FuelSmarts: More Efficient Drayage, One Match at a Time

Saving fuel doesn't always mean higher mpg. Sometimes it's about being more organized and having the patience to identify inefficiencies. Evans Network of Companies is doing exactly that with its Eco-Match program, which aligns imports and exports for more efficient transportation.

Flawed Economy Rules: Fuel Efficiency

By all means, let's improve fuel economy in our trucks as well as in our cars

Private Fleets Find Fuel Savings in Changing Driver Behavior

With the federal government's new regulations setting fuel economy goals for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, there's been a lot of attention paid to current technologie

Optimization Software Can Reduce Gallons Burned, and Increase Money Saved

All trucking management software helps fleets reduce fuel use, because such systems are designed to reduce unpaid or out-of-route miles. An efficient fleet wastes less fuel

There are Many Anti-Idle Systems: Which One is Right for Your Fleet?

Among the obvious principles of successful trucking is the idea that those trucks of yours aren't earning a penny if they're not moving while there's freight onboard. Simple enough logic