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Engine Smarts

Volvo Trucks Announces XE11 Fuel Efficiency Package for 11-Liter Engine

Volvo Trucks expanded its XE powertrain package lineup with the introduction of XE11 for its 11-liter Volvo D11 engine. XE11 is available on Volvo VNM and VNL models and rated up to 80,000 pounds GCWR. The powertrain package improves fuel efficiency by up to 3%, according to the company.

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Engine Smarts: Owners Cite Woes with Engines, Dealers; Volvo Lists Some Remedies

CORRECTED -- Volvo Trucks executives knew full well what a group of its customers would say about experiences with modern engines, but invited them to speak to press reporters anyway. Then the Volvo people explained what they're doing to alleviate service problems that customers have also experienced

Lighter-duty Commercial Trucks Get More Fuel-Efficient Engines

In all the years I've been doing update articles for HDT, particularly on Class 1, 2 and 3 cargo vans, I've repeatedly asked execs at the truck builders about trends in engines

Cat Trucks to Get Cummins SCR, But What About Big-Block Diesel?

The idea of Cummins parts in a Caterpillar machine seems odd, but the shrinking world of industry consolidation will result in the use of Cummins-sourced selective catalytic reduction equipment on the Navistar-supplied diesels in Cat vocational trucks

One Fleet's Experience in Dealing with Post-2007 Diesel Problems

Several years ago, Paul Wion, corporate fleet supervisor at Lewis Tree Service in upstate New York, got up during a Shop Talk session at a TMC meeting to describe a fix for diesel particulate filters that were plugging up in the field

Cummins Ready for Euro 6, But Not to Buy Navistar

HANOVER, Germany -- "We're ready for Euro 6," declared Tom Linebarger, the pleasant, polite and straight-talking CEO of Cummins Inc., in leading off his press conference during the IAA show in Hanover last week

Study: More Particulate Emissions From Charbroiled Burgers Than Diesel Trucks

Just how clean is the latest clean diesel technology? Put it this way: A study by the University of California-Riverside found commercially cooked hamburgers emit more particulate matter than diesel trucks meeting EPA 2007 and EPA 2010 emissions standards. The UC-Riverside study was funded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

Modern V-6 with Efficient 8-speed Autotranny Propels Ram to mpg Lead

Who'd-a-thunk that mile-per-gallon numbers would be important to macho owners of pickup trucks? You can thank spiking prices of gasoline, even before Hurricane Isaac finishes making a wake in Louisiana

Don't Count Navistar Out

Unless you've been on holiday in some remote spot without access even to carrier pigeons or smoke signals, you'll know by now that Navistar International announced on July 6 that it was giving up on "advanced EGR" as its sole engine emissions technology

Remanufacturing Saves Money, Cuts Waste and Pollution, Detroit Reman Says

"Why buy new when you can reuse something that still has value?" That's the mantra at Detroit Reman, which has been remanufacturing engines and engine parts since 1966. And after touring its western plant at Tooele, Utah, one comes away wonderin