Karmak Inc., Carlinville, Ill., announce that Jerry Osborn has been named director of INFO 5 Operations; he will oversee Karmak’s office in Springfield, Mo. Osborn will also be directly responsible for all aspects of the INFO 5 product.
Jerry Osborn
Jerry Osborn

Bill Healy, executive vice president of Karmak, said that Osborn has made a career learning the ins and outs of computer usage in the heavy-duty truck industry as it relates to Karmak’s market.
As a director of INFO 5 Operations, Osborn will look at the mid- and long-range directions to be taken by Karmak. “I’ll be examining current processes and procedures and determining where we should be headed,” said Osborn.
Karmak Inc. provides computer systems and business management systems in the heavy-duty truck industry, supplies software applications to fleets, retailers that sell and service trucks, tractors and trailers, as well as retail and wholesale businesses that distribute parts.
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