Cummins announced that it has submitted its third engine to the Environmental Protection Agency for certification under the stricter Oct. 1 emissions rules.

Cummins expects the heavy-duty 11-liter ISM engine will be certified to the new standards. The ISX and the ISB have already been certified.
"We are committed to having our line of EPA compliant engines ready for our customers in October," said Cummins Executive Director - Marketing Thomas Kieffer. "We are on track to accomplish this."
The ISM engine, with horsepower ranging from 280 to 385, complements the Cummins ISX product in meeting the needs of short-haul trucking, vocational, construction and bus customers, Cummins says.
"The ISM is a proven engine in the industry," added Kieffer. "We have simply added the same cooled exhaust gas recirculation subsystem that is used on the Cummins ISX and ISB engines."
Cummins also will offer a restricted 400-horsepower and 450-horsepower rating for the ISM, for motorcoach, recreational vehicle and fire applications.