DTNA, Platform Science to Deliver Combined On-Vehicle Options

Image: DTNA

Daimler Trucks North America will partner with software developer Platform Science for on-vehicle mobile applications that offer advanced fleet management solutions. Platform Science will be the primary on-vehicle fleet management software development and distribution partner, enabling customers to purchase and utilize third-party telematics solutions and connectivity services directly from their trucks without aftermarket hardware installation.

Daimler Truck AG has also made an investment in Platform Science. 

“The demand and the need for efficiency, safety, and uptime has never been greater than it is today,” said Roger Nielsen, president and CEO of DTNA. “With Platform Science, we will help customers avoid pre-installations delays, improve the fleet manager and driver experience once their assets are on the road, and help keep them moving forward as they keep the world moving.”

Built-in telematics hardware from DTNA will be available from the factory with Platform Science’s software, eliminating the delays, costs, and inconveniences of installing aftermarket devices, cabling, and antennas. The integration of Platform Science’s technology will provide an end-to-end solution. Drivers will only need to bring an authorized mobile device and log into their new vehicles’ DTNA onboard telematics system.

“By leveraging Platform Science’s transportation specific Mobile Device Management, customers will be able to choose the solutions to fit their mixed fleet needs and seamlessly integrate those solutions into their trucks,” said Sanjiv Khurana, general manager, digital vehicle solutions at DTNA.

This partnership will initially provide fleet management solutions including electronic logging, workflow, driver inspection, navigation, and additional fleet-specific apps, all available on a single telematics-enabled platform.

“This is particularly rewarding now more than ever, as we’ve all come to appreciate truck drivers and the day-to-day challenges they face more than ever,” said Jack Kennedy, founder and CEO of Platform Science. “Additionally, the investment by Daimler Truck AG in our Series B funding round is a great indication of our common belief that we have reached an inflection point for transportation technology; the in-cab experience will now have the opportunity to keep pace with the ‘in-pocket’ experience that smartphones have taught us to expect.”

DTNA vehicles installed with Platform Science will begin rolling out in 2021.

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