A software update makes wiring diagrams interactive.

A software update makes wiring diagrams interactive.

Image: Mitchell 1

Mitchell 1 has updated its TruckSeries truck-repair software by making wiring diagrams interactive. The update was announced Feb. 23 at a press conference at the annual meeting of the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council in Atlanta

Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, said the enhancements will allow technicians to more quickly and effectively diagnose complicated wiring diagrams, which often span multiple pages.

“When you talk about wiring diagrams, in general, interactivity is going to change the game,” Johnson said. “We think with the complexity these vehicles are facing, technicians are going to be challenged. As this complexity keeps coming at our technicians, we believe these diagrams are going to be more and more important.”

Johnson said wiring diagrams today can span 12 pages, and he anticipates that to increase to 20 or more pages as new technologies emerge.

“When dealing with these newer technologies that continue to come at us, and there’s no end in sight, the first time a technician hears about a symptom is going to be the first time – they don’t have that history to look back on,” reasoned Johnson.

Technicians can now click on any component within a diagram to reveal a pop-up menu, offering selections to offer more information about spec’s, component location, connector views, and guided component tests. Hidden wires appear faded, but don’t disappear entirely.

“Wiring diagrams have always been a feature that sets Mitchell 1 software apart from other suppliers of similar programs,” said Johnson. “Electrical diagnostics have become more challenging as commercial vehicles have advanced. At the same time, vehicle operators are pressed even harder in today’s environment to maintain maximum uptime.”

He added that facilities tasked with servicing commercial vehicles “understand that completing the repair correctly and as quickly as possible is imperative to get the vehicles back on the road and generating revenue. The new interactive wiring diagrams in TruckSeries speed up the diagnostic process, helping minimize the time the truck is out of service.”

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