Does trucking have a drug problem? 
 -  Image: HDT graphic

Does trucking have a drug problem?

Image: HDT graphic

In a new era where where deregulation of marijuana is a reality in many states, an opioid epidemic is hollowing out blue-collar America, and drivers are feeling more pressure than ever to stay productive, alert and safe, the trucking industry is having to take the drug issue head-on.

From the Pages of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine:

Part 1: Truckers, Drugs and Safety

Amid national trends such as the rapid rise of marijuana legalization and a continuing opioid abuse crisis, trucking faces some disturbing trends of its own.

Part 2: 18-Wheelers and Weed

The stigma around recreational marijuana usage is increasingly fading away and it is even being touted for its medicinal uses. How will a safety-focused trucking industry deal with this new cultural norm?

Part 3: Digging Into Truck Driver Drug Use

A recent study found a higher rate of drug use by prospective drivers than was previously believed to be the case.

Part 4: Is There a Better Way to Drug Test?

DOT-required urine testing has known shortcomings, but in an industry faced with difficulty finding and keeping qualified drivers, some worry that stricter drug-testing protocols will only make the situation worse.

• Bonus Web Feature: 7 Things You Need to Know About the New Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Part 5: The Road Back

Is a single failed drug test or alcohol screening enough reason to terminate an otherwise valued truck driver as a “lifestyle” drug user or unsalvageable alcoholic who must never drive a truck again?

• Bonus Web Feature: Testing Positive for Marijuana – One Driver’s Story

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