Uber Freight Integrates with SAP

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Uber Freight’s new integration into the SAP Logistics Business Network will let customers access Uber’s carrier network, streamlining the process of connecting carriers and shippers, allowing Uber to expand its digital freight-matching universe, giving Uber's motor carriers access to more loads.

Real-time pricing for shippers and carriers helps maximize efficiency and minimize unloaded mileage, reducing costs and carbon footprint. Shippers can gain access to capacity, and carriers and drivers gain the ability to see and choose loads that fit their business and schedule.

Uber Freight will integrate with SAP’s Logistics Business Network via API, enabling mutual customers to take advantage of two key Uber Freight features – real-time load pricing and guaranteed carrier freight capacity – within their existing transportation management systems. The integration will help companies streamline workflows, increase visibility across the supply chain, and break down communication silos in complex supply chains.

“Finding and booking freight can be the most expensive and often the most complex piece of the supply chain,” said Hala Zeine, president, SAP Digital Supply Chain. “This combined solution will remove roadblocks and offers a simpler, more automated approach that streamlines operations, delivers tangible cost savings, and ultimately creates a better customer experience.”

SAP’s enterprise application software is used by companies of all sizes and in all industries; 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system, according to the company, which uses machine learning, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics technologies. SAP Logistics Business Network, built on SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP HANA business data platform, expands transportation management to enable shippers, freight forwarders, carriers and other logistics partners to easily onboard, collaborate, exchange logistics information and share insights.

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