Trimble’s new TMT ServiceConnect add-on module helps fleet shops using TMT Fleet Maintenance...

Trimble’s new TMT ServiceConnect add-on module helps fleet shops using TMT Fleet Maintenance software connect to service providers.

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Trimble’s new TMT ServiceConnect add-on module helps fleet shops using TMT Fleet Maintenance software reduce the time their trucks are out of service for repairs and maintenance. 

The company teamed up with Decisiv to allow TMT software to electronically connect to more than 4,500 North American medium- and heavy-duty service locations, including many OEM dealers. This eliminates need to manually enter vendor repair orders and allowing fleet operators to efficiently schedule work done at remote locations.

The TMT ServiceConnect module, powered by Decisiv Service Relationship Management technology, extends Trimble’s paperless shop solution—the Interactive Workstation (IWS)—beyond the walls of a fleet’s shop to a connected network of shops. This results in reduced duplication of data entry, fewer data entry errors, and more accurate and complete information across the entire lifecycle of a fleet’s equipment, says the company. The new module provides more seamless collaboration between fleets and heavy-duty repair shops to: schedule repair and maintenance activities; track service status; record service, parts replaced and labor; and create invoices for the service performed.  

TMT Module Connects Fleets to Service Shops

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“You have more information when a truck goes into a shop,” said Renaldo Adler, industry principle for asset maintenance, Trimble Transportation, during a press conference at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting March 17. “And you can track which of your service providers are doing a good job and which ones are not. Other benefits are greater efficiencies; you can send and receive data electronically instead of over the phone. Once an estimate is approved, a service order is automatically generated. The idea is that fleets don’t have to go to multiple places and do double entry in multiple systems to get trucks repaired.”

With TMT ServiceConnect, fleet operations managers are able to see the status of all equipment being worked on across service locations within the new module. TMT ServiceConnect also enables fleet maintenance shops to communicate directly with all service providers across their networks to schedule and approve repair work to be completed.

“For a long time, Decisiv has worked to put the right information in the right place at the right time to help fleets make decisions,” added Dick Hyatt, President and CEO, Decisiv. “Today, what we’re doing is putting the final piece in place and electronically closing the circle. We’ve enabled our 4,500 service providers to share information and collaborate with their customers. Fleets want total transparency and track and approve work being done. And at the end, they want all the information related to that repair back when the job is done. And this system is the first in the industry that does all those things.”

The optional TMT ServiceConnect module is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2019 from Trimble as an add-on to the TMT Fleet Maintenance software. For more information:

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