When you’re in an area noted for some seriously gnarly cannibalism a hundred-odd years ago, you obviously have a reputation to maintain. Which may be why – unlike most DOT inspection stations scattered around the country – the California Highway Patrol’s Donner Pass Inspection Station maintains active and well-run Facebook and Twitter pages.

And, last Friday, the station definitely got something to post on social media when a Tesla Semi truck rolled across the scales and got popped for a routine safety inspection and subsequently passed with flying colors.

The Donner Pass social media crew swung into action after the Semi went on its way, posting several pictures of the electric truck to both Facebook and Twitter. And soon enough, comments – both pro and con – starting flying.

Given the unconventional looks of the Semi, there were plenty of detractors.

Like this one:

And this one:

Some folks got nightmares, apparently:

Meanwhile, it looks like this trucker can see into the future:

And Old School Ron just ain't having it:

But, interestingly, there were also a surprising number of supporters – or at the very least, people who see that the future can’t be stopped.

And Colton here is definitely a fan:

As is Dirk, here:

And Duane just wants everyone to have an open mind:

And just as interesting, more than a few folks thought the Tesla Semi was dead:

One thing's for sure: It's pretty clear that no matter where it goes, the Tesla Semi effortlessly generates news, debates and comments.

Have you seen one in the wild? Let us know!

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