Uber Freight's fleet mode allows dispatchers to match available truck drivers within a fleet...

Uber Freight's fleet mode allows dispatchers to match available truck drivers within a fleet with Uber Freight loads.

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Uber has announced a new fleet mode for its Uber Freight platform that will allow dispatchers to use the app to find, book, assign, and reassign loads for their team.

Carriers and dispatchers will be able to see a full list of their drivers along with their details, schedule and availability. Using that data, dispatchers will be able to match available drivers with available Uber Freight loads.

Fleet mode is designed to streamline the load booking process for entire fleets by allowing dispatchers to accomplish the process completely within the Uber Freight App.

In a blog post, Uber said that fleet mode was one of the most requested tools from its carrier community. Fleet mode is now available in the Uber Freight app for iOS and Android.

The Uber Freight app launched a year ago as part of Uber's effort to bring its ride-sharing technology to the trucking industry. Prior to its own entry, several other developers had launched their own "Uber for Trucking"- style freight matching services creating a niche industry of Uber-like services. 

Uber's own offering is aimed primarily at small trucking companies and owner-operators aiming to simplify and speed up the process of matching available loads with available capacity.

Along with this latest Fleet Mode update, Uber also expanded the Uber Freight platform nationwide after initially offering the service only in key markets centered around metropolitan centers. The expansion could be taken as a positive sign of support for the service, which some analysts called into question after Uber posted huge losses in its earnings reports and shut down some of its smaller business ventures.

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