LAS VEGAS – Haldex made several announcements at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas, including that it's offering a full line of all-makes air disc brake repair kits, making a deal with Hendrickson to offer ModulT brakes on trailer applications, and standardizing its electronic product information.

Haldex has partnered with Fras-le to offer an all-makes line of air disc brake pad repair kits for North American customers. Through a co-brand agreement, Haldex will market the products under the Midland brand and assume the primary sales, marketing and distribution roles.

“Fras-le has earned the confidence of Haldex and many customers around the world and has continuously proven their expertise in the manufacturing realm while demonstrating a proficient understanding regarding the demands of today’s braking applications and developing high-performance friction solutions through their strong engineering and R&D platforms,” said Walt Frankiewicz, president of Haldex North America and senior vice president of Haldex North America sales.

The company also announced that Hendrickson has added the Haldex ModulT air disc brake as a product offering for trailer applications. The ModulT features a combination of low weight and improved performance designed for a broad field of applications, according to Haldex.

Lastly, Haldex announced a partnership with OptiCat to provide standardized electronic detailed product information. Haldex, working with OptiCat, now has the ability to provide updated data in a standardized format for our customers.

Haldex will work with OptiCat to transition to the Product Information Exchange Standard. The initiative will provide customers with consistency of quality data, custom templates for custom data formatting, enhanced image and video accessibility, standardized information requiring less ‘translation’ time, as well as the ability to provide assistance with data related issues.

“Haldex is the first major brake manufacturer specializing in heavy-duty products to partner with OptiCat, which will support the efforts of Haldex in its development of standardized PIES data for its customers and will work with the Auto Care Association to establish product codes and attribute data for products that serve the heavy-duty industry,” said Frankiewicz.