Crux Systems released an app that provides truck drivers, marine terminals and freight brokers with insight into delivery order status, container availability, routes and processing.

Drivers and dispatchers forward their delivery orders by email to Crux Systems and the information is automatically imported to their account. The information is then used to provide visibility into container availability, routes truck locations and pickup and drop-off times.

Notifications about container availability are automatically updated so any problems with orders can be addressed before drivers arrive at the terminal gate.

"Truck visits to marine terminals can take over two hours due to any number of delays," said Eric Klein, CEO and co-founder of Crux Systems. "We reduce turn times by enabling better visibility and communication between terminals, dispatchers and drivers.”

Key features included in the app are:

  • Container availability status: notifications are automatically updated in the app, or can be integrated into existing systems with the Crux Systems API.
  • Automated gate tickets: allows marine terminals to automatically provide drivers with gate ticket information as soon as the terminal operating system processes a gate stage.
  • Advance arrival notifications: terminals can know in advance when trucks will be arriving so they can do better yard planning to reduce unnecessary moves and costs.

The driver app is available as a free download from the App Store. Plans for dispatchers start at $35 per month.