ITS Canada has announced a new set of features to help clients of ITS Dispatch to accelerate freight transactions and cash flow.

The new features are available through software integration with BAM Worldwide, a specialty provider of asset-based lending solution for the transportation industry. Through the integration, brokerage clients in the U.S. using ITS Dispatch can request and inject funds immediately to process freight transactions.

The integrated funding process is designed to shorten days-to-pay with carriers and streamline back-office accounting functions. ITS Dispatch clients will be able to have faster access to capital which the company says can improve credit scores, increases carrier capacity and boost margins.

Bam Worldwide provides ITS Dispatch users with a fast-track approval and setup process. The initial setup is completed within 24 hours and, once approved, clients can instantly request and receive funds for individual freight transactions directly from ITS Dispatch.

“The integration with BAM Worldwide offers many advantages to ITS Dispatch customers,” said Tal Rahaman, general manager of ITS Canada. “By using this new, powerful lending capability, small brokerage firms can compete against much larger companies in terms of speed, capacity and efficiency.”

The ITS Dispatch and BAM Worldwide platforms use a simplified electronic process to conduct rate confirmations, load tendering, financing, load tracking, filing of delivery documents and other features. ITS Dispatch provides users with one-click sorting of loads based on several parameters including pickup and delivery date, customer and carrier.

Electronic file storage captures and preserves billing documents for each load as well as customer and carrier profile.

ITS Canada is the provider of Internet Truckstop ITS Dispatch software which is a web-based application for small- to medium-sized trucking companies and freight brokerages.