The Michelin X One Multi Energy T tire is a wide-base, single-trailer tire for regional operations designed to deliver a reduction in irregular wear and improve fuel economy. The tire is EPA SmartWay verified and replaces the Michelin X One XTE.

“Regional fleets that focus on fuel and weight will benefit from the performance of the new Michelin X One Multi Energy T offering,” said Adam Murphy, vice president of marketing at Michelin. “This tire also fights irregular wear which is especially important for trailer tires.”

The tire is engineered with Advanced Casing technology design that changes the casing shape of the tire during use providing a contact patch with a consistent footprint, regardless of payload weight. It also has solid shoulder architecture which reduces wear.

Compared with its predecessor, the new X One delivers a 15% reduction in rolling resistance which improves fuel economy, according to Michelin.

The tire is currently available in 445/50R22.5 size and will be available in 455/50R22.5 size in early 2015.