A new automatic tire inflation system will work on drive axles as well as trailer axles. The Halo Tire Inflator, which uses the wheel's own rotational motion, is the first complete automatic tire inflation solution to serve both tractors and trailers with either dual or wide-base tires, according to the company.

Maker Aperia Technologies says Halo is now commercially available for use on drive and trailer axles on medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Halo is an easy-to-install system that operates on a similar principle to a self-winding watch. The device uses a wheel's rotational motion to pump and maintain optimal tire pressure. The system does not require any connection to a compressor and can be installed in five to 10 minutes per wheel end.

Aperia says it has successfully completed fleet evaluations of Halo for over two years, racking up 8 million miles of on-road testing from winters in Canada to summers in Florida.

Research by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicates that maintaining proper tire pressure results in a 1% to 2% fuel efficiency increase. Of all truck tires on the road today, 55% are at least 5 psi from their target pressure, which also reduces tire life and increases annual tire costs by 10% to 15%.