The California Air Resources Board announced that Boshart Engineering Inc. achieved verification of the BE Econix Diesel Particulate Filter active metal system, with what Boshart calls the industry's first safety device for a DPF.

Initially approved for truck fleets that do not pass temperature cycle requirements, the BE Econix DPF active metal system with a patented safety device can be retrofit onto a wide range of existing heavy-duty diesel trucks that need an active or passive filter solution.

The company says this DPF has the shortest regeneration time in the industry, at less than 10 minutes and without a plug in. In addition, it meets the highest efficiency and retrofit requirements of the CARB for vehicles that have the most demanding conditions and duty cycles in the truck fleets.

Since CARB's approval of the BE Econix DPF active metal system with a safety device, several companies are now using this DPF for their truck fleets and investigating use in off-road vehicles, stationary applications, and even school buses.

"Interest in the BE Econix DPF is not only for added safety and protection from the safety device, but also because, when combined with our DPF, the system offers a cost benefit of a significant magnitude over the life of the engine," said Boshart.